We can learn so much from these efficient, industrious critters just by watching them. I am blessed to live near a beaver habitat, close to our nation’s capital, where year-round sightings are a real treat.

Beavers are the protectors of wetlands, creating habitats beneficial to herons, egrets, otters and countless other wildlife species. But really, to be honest, watching beavers is good for the soul. Their measured, methodical approach to the chores that must be done offers us a re-centering escape from the frenzy of urban living!

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  1. Julie
    Julie at · Reply

    Oh, how I wish they had not hid from me on my visit. I’m still so happy to have been shown this beautiful refuge. Next time!!!

  2. Sheryl Sims
    Sheryl Sims at · Reply

    Love the shot of the beaver walking across the ice! I’ve never seen an upright beaver before.

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