Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial



The classic lines of the Jefferson Memorial are quite understated, much like the visionary who inspired that monument.  Thomas Jefferson – the dreamer, the architect, the realist and the writer – at 33 years of age, with the crafting of the Declaration of Independence, did more for the future of our country than any of us could imagine doing today

Completed in 1943 at a cost of $3 million, his memorial – and the quotes carved within – fittingly inspire quiet contemplation.

The striking 19-foot tall statue was sculpted by Rudolf Evans who placed Mr. Jefferson in a statesman-like pose looking toward the White House. It is actually the second statue to grace that spot, for the first was made of plaster during the metal rationing of WWII.

The statue is surrounded by 26 pillars, representing the number of US states at the time of Mr. Jefferson’s death.

This architectural delight, incorporating elements of the Pantheon and Jefferson’s beloved Monticello, is best enjoyed at dusk as it visually pops under a darkening deep blue sky.